Balap Kuliner Board Game

Balap Kuliner is a party board game themed with the stories of tourists who want to enjoy the delicacy of typical snack in Semarang city.

In this game, each player plays as a tourist who competes to get the traditional snack from Semarang on the Center of City (Tugu Muda) or in the Snack Store by using Road Tiles and Traffic Card. The players need to deliver a Snack Card to the Shuttle Bus at a time as the requirement to make a point (delivered Snack). The players may use the special ability on the Snack Card. The game is over when one of player successfully bring 2 Snack Cards.

This party game can be played for 2-4 players; any ages older than 10 y.o., and take 25 minutes to play. Published by Kompas Media, this game is distributed to the local game stores and Gramedia book stores. Not only this game had been awarded as Top-6 in Board Game Challenge, but it had also been nominated as the best board game in Game Prime 2018, in Indonesia as well.

You can learn how to play the game by following this tutorial video made by RWHShadow, or the official tutorial by Kompas.

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