Hey, I’m Bagus

My full name is Ardiawan Bagus Harisa. I was born in July, 1992 at Demak, Central Java. I got my B.Sc from UDINUS, and my M.Sc from NTUST both focusing on procedural content generation. I am interested in game development, startup, and AI.

I am currently working as a Lecturer at UDINUS, Director of Pandonga Creatives, and Creative Director of Dhadhu Board Game Cafe.

I have strong believe that creative media will put the next generation to the better world. 

Give me a call. A good one! 

If you have any question regarding the topics I mention above, please feel free to contact me.

E-mail: bagus@pandonga.com 
Phone: +62 87878484059  
More on: about.me/ardiawanbagusharisa